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Search Engine Optimization is the key to your customers finding you on the web. 

This page is not pretty but we sugest you read it to understand why some sites prosper while others fail.

In short, SEO is about making the relevant information contained in your pages easy for search engines to realize and catalog. If the search engines find and note that the information on your site matches the search criteria of your target audience your site will be ranked higher than other sites that are offering similar information for a specific criteria. Understanding what your target customer is looking for will help you dial in your target search criteria and once you understand your target audiences search criteria our SEO experts can dial in your sites search criteria for relevance and have the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing working for you to bring you customers. Not just hits or lookers but actual prequalified customers.

As you write your top level pages take into consideration the content you want to express and the words that your customers are using to describe and search for the items you want to explain or sell. Think about what a good summary of the page you are writing content for would be. The most important information that search engines look for are short (60 characters) and long (200 characters) summary description of the pages content and a list of 16 keywords or keyphrases containing the most important bits of your page content. These will be included in the meta section of the header of your pages. They should also corollate to phrases and common words used in the actual page content. If writing is not your strong point we have an in house copywriter that will interview you and write your pages for you optimized for the best SEO return.

We conduct a deep and indepth study of your content and the search criteria that your target audience would use to find you and then develop the content meta tags to match the phrasing of your key content. Then we will adjust the data and content to further enhance the effect of your page content on the search engines and ranking of your pages for relevance .

The next step, once the pages are optomized is to connect your entire site. Each page will need to be connected to each and every page to establish global and brand relevance by creating a web of connection between all the various pages and subject matter of each page. 

Then we loadbalance the content and backend information to establish reach. Reach is subjective and specific to your business. Common criteria we will use to establish reach are questions like:

  • "Are your customers local, regional, national or international?" 
  • "Are they retailers, consumers or manufacturers?"
  • "Do they belong to a given industry or do they belong to a community or other collective?"
  • "Are their portals or specific search engines that your clients will use to find businesses like yours other than the primary engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo?"

With this information we can then search the criteria that your clientele will be searching, and from the results we see who comes up now and why. Then we will improve your content and your backend information structure to dial in your relevance to the criteria of your target audience and before long you own Google, Yahoo and Bing for relevance of your search criteria. 

Want to put us to the test to see if we can deliver on our promise? Look at any of our featured clients and run a search on Bing or Google to see if they come up and where.

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