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There are many factors that affect the cost of your web project. Here are a few of those costs and the reasons that you would want to spend for certain things and may not want to spend for others. Its all about Return on Investment (ROI).

Package Deals

  • CMS driven site with 3 pages of content, an off the shelf template, 1year of your primary domain and 1 year of carbon neutral web hosting. $399.99 
  • Same as above with a one of a kind custom template from $599.99
  • Same as above with a one of a kind custom template, logo and branding package including letterhead and 100 business cards from $799.99
  • Same as above with 5 pages of content, custom template, logo and branding pack  and a shopping cart with  5 products from $999.99
  • Basic web store with up to 5 pages and up to 5 products using existing branding and a stock template $599.99

A La Carte' Menu

*Hourly pricing is calculated in 15 minute increments.

  • Eco Serve Hosting with 1 domain  $99.99 
  • Additional domains (.com .net .org .co .biz .mobi .info etc.) $9.99 to $14.99
  • International domains available from $9.99 
  • CMS and SQL installed $99.99
  • Stock templates $59.99
  • Custom Templates $199.99
  • Custom Templates with Flash $249.99
  • Custom Flash Programming $99.99 hr
  • Custom PHP/ SQL programming $129.99 hr
  • Graphic Artist (production) $49.88 hr
  • Graphic Design $75 hr
  • Content production $29.99 hr
  • Content Creation (Copy Writer) $49.99
  • HTML, CSS programming $49.99 hr
  • Media production $59.00 hr
  • SEO $59.99 hr
  • IA $59.99 hr
  • Consultation $50.00  hr

Other Services....... Call for specific pricing.


Financing is available through Rockland Trust Bank. 

Amounts of lines of credit range from $500 to $10,000 and are based on your project costs and your good credit. 

We will help you through this process and provide a detailed estimate and plan of action, including a scope of work, budget, contract and update you with project change notices if any additional costs may be incurred by increases from our providers or if your needs should change. We recognize sometimes the scope of work will need to change to accomodate unforseen circumstances that result in changes to a project. No one likes surprises and it's best to let you know when one arises and give you options.

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